Motivational Quotes by OCI

(1). Rise, if you must;
       Excel, if you can;
       Succeed, if you will!
       But for God's sake, drag others along!!!
  (Chris Ifediora, OCI)

(2). "Ups" and "Downs" in life are inevitable.
        But pray that your “ups” will lift you so high that you will never ever fall;
        And that the “downs”, when they come, will not drag you so low that you will never ever rise.               
   (Chris Ifediora, OCI)

(3). Rise, by lifting others!     
  (Chris Ifediora, OCI

(4). And here is a big lesson I’ve learnt. Humans do not change much!
      Given the same circumstances, a friend who betrays you today, will likely do same tomorrow.
      It takes strong will-power and great self-discipline to change . . . virtues lacked by many, and embraced by a few.
      (Chris Ifediora, OCI)

(5). No star shines forever. But the world’s brightest stars are remembered long after they've stopped

      Do not be afraid to shine: aim to be the best; aim to stand out, and aim to leave your mark.
      Your failures will be easily forgotten, but your outstanding successes will forever be remembered.
      (Chris Ifediora, OCI)

(6). It is amazing how roomy and spacious things are when you get to the top. The major difficulties lie
      in maneuvering your way through the 
crowded, envy-laden, corridors and alleyways that lead to the
      Never ever give up in your quest to get to the top.
     (Chris Ifediora, OCI)

A motivated mind can dream the unimaginable, surmount the impossible, achieve the unachievable, and create limitless opportunities.

          (Chrs Ifediora, O.C.I. - February 2018).