Scholarship FAQs

1. What is the Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

The Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship Program is an initiative of the OCI Foundation, designed to educate and develop the next generation of leaders who will contribute to the social and economic progress of Nigeria. The Program enables economically disadvantaged Nigerian youths to complete a quality tertiary education, and, thereafter, make successful transitions to either postgraduate studies or to the Nigerian workforce.
The scheme, which will have its first beneficiaries in 2017, currently focuses on the Anambra East LGA of Anambra State but is expected to cover as much of Nigeria as possible over time.

2. Who is a Cyfed Scholar?

A Cyfed Scholar is any beneficiary of the Cyfed Scholarship Award.

3. Who can apply for Cyfed Scholarships?

The Cyfed Scholarship Scheme is open to all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in Nigerian universities, polytechnics, or affiliated institutions, who meet the eligibility criteria specified for the particular year that the scholarships are being awarded. 

4. How can someone apply for Cyfed Scholarships?

All applications are completed and submitted online. Applications open annually, starting from the 22nd of February to the 26th of April each year. The OCI Foundation will not accept paper or hand-delivered applications, or take phone calls regarding applications. All inquiries must be made in writing via email to [email protected].

5. How much does the Cyfed Scholarships cover?

From 2019, new and existing beneficiaries of the Cyfed Scholarships will receive an annual award of 70,000 (seventy thousand) Nigerian Naira only (up from the NGN50,000 it used to be in 2017 and 2018).
This sum is renewable for up to the entire duration of the beneficiary’s educational tenure. The awards are not automatically renewed annually. Rather, previous recipients that are still eligible must fill out a renewal online application every year.

6. How many awards are available each year?

There are 5 (five) new scholarships available for award each year. All eligible renewing applicants who meet the renewal scholar’s criteria (CGPA of 3.0) will be re-awarded a renewal scholarship.

7. What are the application opening and closing times?

Annual applications open on February the 22nd each year and close on April the 26th of the same year.

8. Can someone still apply after the deadline?

No. The application deadlines are firm.

9. Can someone apply through an agent?

The Cyfed Scholarships is wholly and solely run by the OCI Foundation. Any organisation purporting to assist anyone with applications are not affiliated with us. Please notify us of such people through an email to [email protected].

10. Can a beneficiary always remain a beneficiary?

When awarded the Cyfed Scholarship, a beneficiary must re-apply annually by filling out the online Scholarship Renewal Application, and submitting all supporting documents reflecting continued enrollment with his host institution. A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 or more is needed for continued eligibility, along with other documents specified below. The scholarship board will then proceed to review and re-verify the scholar’s status and documents with the host school before re-awarding the scholarship.

11. Are there any fees payable to the OCI Foundation in other to submit an application for the Cyfed Scholarships?

No. We do not collect any application fees. All applications are free. Please report any persons or organisations alleging to collect fees on our behalf to [email protected]. Paying to submit an application is a waste of one’s resources.

12. What documentation is required for my application?

The following documents are required to submit a full application for a "New" or "Renewal" Scholarship Award. Please note that all scanned copies must be certified original documents, as photocopied scans will not be accepted:

       A. New Applicant’s documentation:
Valid Government-issued identity (ID) document (e.g. an International Travel Passport, a Voter’s Card, a National Identity Card or

             a  Driver’s Licence). Applicants who are below the age of 18 years and are unable to apply for a government ID can submit a
             birth   certificate.
            ii. An official letter (original, not photocopied) from the host school (Head of Department) stating the following:
                  -Full name
            -Matriculation number (Newly matriculated scholars who have not yet received a matriculation number or school ID must provide a provisional admission letter from their institution of study;
                  -Course, Title and Level of study
                  -Department of Study
            iii. The following documents must also be attached at the time of the application (certified scanned copies; the originals must be presented by successful applicants during the interviews):
              -Senior Secondary School Exam Certificate (WASSCE or NECO)
              -JAMB/UME result certificate
              -A valid student ID for your host institution
              -A recent passport photograph
              -A letter of recognition from the traditional ruler of your town, confirming your origin status.
             iv. A 500-word essay, about yourself and your family.
       B. Renewing Applicant’s documentation:
An official letter (original, not photocopied) from the host school (Head of Department) stating Full name, Gender, Matriculation number, Course, Title and Level of study, Department of Study, and CGPA.
13. Will my documentation be verified?
Yes. All submitted documents will be verified by the scholarship selection committee. Applicants found to have submitted false information or unverifiable or forged documents will be disqualified from ever applying for the Cyfed Scholarships.
14. What happens after I submit my application?
All submitted applications will be reviewed and processed by the Cyfed Scholarship Committee. Successful candidates will be shortlisted and invited for the step 2 of the screening, which will involve an oral interview. Ensure that all contact details you submitted are accurate and reliable. There is no need to contact us once you submit an application.

15. How long before shortlisted candidates are contacted?
Every application is carefully reviewed by a designated scholarship committee. For the most part, decisions on finalists will be communicated as soon as they are made. The review process can take up to 4 months.