Motivational Poems and Quotes - OCI Foundation

This is a collection of exciting philosophical Poems, Letters and Quotes to enrich and motivate you.

The OCI Foundation recommends all of these very inspirational texts for motivation at good times, bad times, and ugly times. 

Please, read all of them, at least once. You will be grateful you did!

Poem 1: "When Things Have to go Wrong" by Dr. Chris Ifediora (OCI)
Poem 2: "Right On Course" by Dr. Chris Ifediora (OCI)
Poem 3: "A Selfless World" by Dr. Chris Ifediora (OCI)
Poem 4: "If" by Rudyat Kipling
Poem 5: Letter by Abraham Lincoln To Son's Teacher
Poem 6: "To The Crazy Ones" by Steve Jobs

Motivational Quotes
by Dr. Chris Ifediora (OCI)
Motivational Quotes
from multiple other sources