Cyfed Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility for the Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarships

Note that applications commence from the midnight of February the 22nd every year, and end on midnight of April the 26th of the same year. All times are with respect to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

These criteria are subject to annual reviews, with the hope of expanding the eligible catchment areas.

  1. Applicants must hail from Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria;
  2. Applicants must be undergraduate students of any accredited Nigerian university, affiliated institutions, or polytechnic (Federal, State or Private);
  3. Any course offered in any Nigerian university, polytechnic or affliliated institutions confer eligibility;
  4. Applicants must be in the first year of their studies (or hold a valid admission offer from a recognised institution, which must commence in the year the application commences);
  5. Applicants must be less than 30 years old as at the time the applications open;
  6. Applicants must not be related to the Founder or any other Trustee(s) or Officer(s) of the OCI Foundation.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability, financial background, and a demonstrable desire to channel acquired knowledge towards the development of the Nigerian Nation.

It is hoped that the beneficiaries will, at some point in the future, contribute to the services of other Nigerians, both at individual and community levels.

If you meet the above requirements, please click here to apply.
(NB: The link will become valid from within the stated dates).